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Every ambulance is a big story. Fundraising, delivery, and understanding that the car will end up in the right hands, where it will perform its tasks as efficiently as possible.
The story of this ambulance began at a meeting with our friend @fatboyscanrun, to whom we reported on previous projects. After telling him about the possibility of delivering ambulances, he immediately said that he was closing the purchase and delivery of the car. It’s hard to describe what each of us felt at that moment. It’s not every day that a person over coffee offers to cover the need for such an expensive car. That evening, an ambulance was ordered in Italy from our regular partners. Usually we deliver coaches from Italy by car, but this time all the seats were taken, and the ambulance was already waiting for us. We could not afford to let such an important and effective tool in saving lives stand idle.
This is not the first time we have delivered such cars from Italy ourselves, but this time the route was longer, as we had to pick up a refrigerated truck from Poland on the way, which we had received a request for. And later we will tell you this story as well.
The ambulance traveled from Italy to Kyiv for 2600 km, after which it was delivered to Dnipro (another 500 km) by the incredible people from the medical company of the 43rd Brigade. As you can see, this is all hard work, involving more than one person. The enemy has come to our country. We must show him with dignity who is the master of our land and save as many lives as possible of the best sons and daughters of Ukraine!
Help with us! Together we are strong, together we will survive! #helpvsddfoundation
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