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Jeep for the 93rd Brigade “Kholodny Yar”

The report written by the military who received the car seems to be the best. So a report from Serhiy, an aerial reconnaissance soldier of the glorious 93rd Kholodny Yar brigade.
“In short, a friend offered to organize collection for a car that was in Holland, we said we would think about it, since at that time there was no critical need for a car. But after a few days, in a few hours, we lost two cars and the situation with them became critical, as the work became more and more. Therefore, they decided that it is still necessary to organize a collection. When the required amount was collected, it turned out that the owner of the car from Holland temporarily went to Romania and it would be a long time to wait for that car. After talking with Yana, she suggested I turn to you with this question☺️
As for the donations, many friends have contributed quite a bit of money
But if we single out someone, then there are two brothers who live in England and take part in all meetings: 70+ thousand at the Autel and now about 50+
Also, they always visit the military who are there on training and buy them everything they need. (Thanks to the Cossacks @mr.pirinec and @mkhl.mkhlvch)
I would also like to thank @robotaua_official, they are always ready to help not with words, but with deeds❤️”
As you can see, every car is a story. The story of finding funds, unification, efforts of friends and just strangers, and all this for the sake of one goal, joint victory over the enemy! On our side, the car was found, driven, repaired and painted. Our beloved @yana_svstn and @cmixirpix happily took the car to its destination. Don’t forget to help, this war is not over there. It is in our common country, in which we live and rule! 💙💛
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