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Kherson stands and will stand!


Kherson stands and will stand!
The terrible tragedy has united us all again. Its consequences will take us a long time to fix. But after all that Ukrainians have been through and the unity we have seen here, I can say with certainty that Ukrainians and Ukraine are invincible. We don’t know what these people are counting on. We will not be exhausted, and every time we come together we are even more united.
We are very grateful to for not standing aside and, as always, supporting people in need. And for us to do our job as a foundation. An interesting fact: when the organization itself decided to help Kherson residents at the request of the State Emergency Service in the form of:
Boats Kolibri KM-360D Profi 8 pcs.
Motor pumps Yato YT-85403 4 pcs.
For a total of 253335 UAH, the employees also started their own fundraising among themselves and raised money for water and instant cereals. With such people around, everything will be Ukraine.
Each trip brings new interesting acquaintances and stories of the resilience of our compatriots. I shake hands with Yuriy Antoshchuk, the man is doing a lot, inspiration and strength! We also got acquainted with Ghana, which has been occupied and terrorized by pigs. And then there was revenge in the form of mortar shelling of the house. An indomitable person who did not give up and continued to help people.
In conclusion, we would like to say that the whole Kherson story is now getting a lot of media coverage. When we talked to the State Emergency Service, we realized that after the water came down, there would be even more challenges and a lot of work. The main thing is not to forget about it and to help. The war will not last forever, we will win and we will live in this country. So let’s unite, help and believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
These are the emotions and the journey that @cmixirpix and @andriy1927 have experienced over the past three days. #helpvsddfoundation

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