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Crossover for aerial reconnaissance 411 APCS


It was not possible to write this post as another report on behalf of the foundation. Therefore, it will be as personal as possible😉 after all, it is 2200 km behind the wheel from Berlin to Kramatorsk🙄

In July, our close friend @xitpoy asked if someone could bring a wheelbarrow from abroad for the air reconnaissance unit. Since I was the only one leaving, I didn’t have to think for a long time 😅

The German was supposed to hand over the car to Khitrogy’s brother. Already in the process, I realized that the wheelbarrow is given away for free. There were concerns about what kind of cramp it could be. And when I saw her with my own eyes… But more on that later)

The very next week, I went to Germany. I don’t want to talk about the circles of hell that volunteers face when they go abroad and how they have to humiliate themselves. A huge salute to adequate border guards who know how to convince colleagues that the argument “why haven’t you traveled before” cannot be a reason not to let a person abroad with all the documents. Especially when the fund handed over half a hundred cars. That’s not where you’re looking for betrayal, dear ones.

Already on July 14, I found myself in Germany, where I was met by @utgard_tattoo. This is an incredible German with Ukrainian roots who does not stop helping our army.
And the car in the photo is another proof. The car is simple🔥 I think the war zone does not see such cars very often. By the way, Frank is a cool tattoo artist. You can go to his page to see his works👌

I am very grateful to Frank that he prepared the car for the trip and issued all the documents. All I had to do was take the keys, hug goodbye and go to Ukraine.

A few days later, the Volvo went for painting. Logistics, inspection, painting, delivery to the East – we and the foundation took all this on our shoulders. Few people think about it, but often it makes up almost a third of the cost of the car. And you have no idea how much the carriers “charge” for this.

Next, our monster had to be detained for a while in Kyiv. And when @serejakovnichuk_ said “you can” – we immediately moved to the East. And so, another night trip to Kramatorsk, a meeting with Serhiy and Dmytro near the station, warm hugs and wishes for a quick next meeting over a glass of tea. In the meantime, we continue to work. We are all one big organism that must defeat the terrible tumor in our country!

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