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An ambulance is an important tool in saving a soldier’s life at the front. You may have heard of platinum minutes and golden hours many times. Now we will try to understand and explain the value of these words.

“Platinum Minute” means that within the first ten minutes after being wounded or injured, a soldier must receive first aid, and if the case is not complicated, do it himself. “The Golden Hour is intended to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield to the nearest medical facility. Over the next six hours, he should be taken to a hospital where there are all the possibilities to provide quality medical care.

For these 60 minutes, we need a type C ambulance (resuscitation vehicle).

Ambulances are divided into classes:
Type A is an ambulance designed and equipped to transport patients in a condition that is not expected to change into an emergency condition. Type A1 differs from type A2 in that the latter is designed to transport one or more patients (on a stretcher and/or chair(s)).
Type B is an emergency ambulance vehicle designed and equipped to transport patients, provide basic medical care and supervise them.
Type C is a resuscitation vehicle designed and equipped to transport patients, provide complex care and monitor them.

We are interested in Class C. An important reserve for the precious minutes of the “golden hour” is the use of modern transport to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield to inpatient hospitals as quickly as possible – full medical care during this time saves the lives of 90% of injured soldiers. Just imagine the number of soldiers saved. As an example, in difficult conditions, ambulances can rescue dozens of seriously injured people per day. In our experience, ambulances save thousands of lives on the battlefield. Many thanks to the combat medics and medical evacuation teams.

Therefore, we remind you once again to help and not to ignore such important requests. (c) @cmixirpix

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