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The lives of Ukrainian defenders at the front depend on the timeliness and quality of medical care. In particular, turnstiles play an important role.
The tourniquet is a modern hemostatic tourniquet that has replaced the old tourniquets, which can be easily applied with one hand and stop critical arterial bleeding.

The quality (durability) of the product is the main criterion, because in extreme situations, it is often impossible to do everything clearly according to the instructions, to calculate the correct force, angle of inclination, etc.

A homemade or poor-quality turnstile can cause serious complications. For example, due to the ineffective tightening of such a tourniquet, the wound may leak, meaning that blood loss will continue.

For example, the original CAT is almost impossible to damage. It, like SOF-T, is approved by the US International Committee of Tactical Medicine, and most importantly, by Ukrainian soldiers who have demonstrated high efficiency in practice!
It should also be noted that the Ukrainian Sich turnstile received a lot of positive feedback. With Sich in your first aid kit, you are guaranteed to stop critical bleeding and get a chance to survive in an emergency.

The main criteria for a quality turnstile:
– strength
– reliability
– possibility of use with one hand

To summarize, a turnstile is something you can’t save on, it’s something that can really save lives and health!
Take care of yourself, choose tactical medicine items consciously! (c) @valeriy_gord

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