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Composition of the first aid kit
Greetings to everyone. Today we would like to raise an important topic, namely, filling the first aid kit. And although our authorized representatives say that the situation is fine and the state provides everything we need, practice shows that this is not always the case. So we have prepared a list of “must-haves” for your individual first aid kit, let’s go:

1. Pouch (preferably with a quick release system); 1 pc.
2. Wide reel adhesive plaster; 1 pc.
3. Individual dressing bag, sterile; 1 pc.
4. Israeli type bandage 4″; 1 pc.
5. Israeli type bandage 6″; 1 pc.
6. Turnstile; 2pcs, (preferably 4pcs)
7. Hemostatic bandage; 1 pc.
8. Tamponade bandage; 1 pc.
9. Nasopharyngeal airway with lubricant; 1 pc.
10. Occlusal sticker; 1 pc, (preferably 2 pc)
11. Decompression needle; 1 pc.
12. Atraumatic scissors; 1 pc.
13. Rescue blanket; 1 pc.
14. Disposable gloves; 1 pc (preferably more)
15. Waterproof marker; 1 pc.
16. Card of the wounded; 1 pc.

It should be noted that this is a minimum basic first aid kit. It can be supplemented with other medications.

It should also be added that the wounded should not take strong painkillers (such as nalbuphine) in the absence of qualified specialists nearby.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if possible, every citizen should have such a first aid kit, because no one knows where and what kind of shelling will happen tomorrow.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. (C) @pono1_3_1_2

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